We know that when we empower our team, we empower ourselves. Deltatech primarily owes its success to two individuals: Jeffrey and G Rao. Our human Resources department focus on Talent Acquisition and Retention.


As the founder of DeltaTech, the onus fell on Jeffrey to build it from scratch. Having started programming from as far back as the DOS era, Jeffrey is unfazed by challenges in this industry.

Being a very hands-on owner, Jeffrey designs Deltatech’s applications; it all began from his passion in software development and product creation.

Jeffrey’s experience as Assistant Audit Manager and Group Finance Manager gives him a better understanding of business processes and solution requirements which, in turn, contributes greatly to his wizardry in designing the solutions.

Today, Jeffrey proudly stands behind the helm of DeltaTech as we know it. His vast knowledge and experience in programming and application development, has helped in Jeffrey’s championing of the field of software development.

G Rao

DeltaTech's development team is lead by its Technical Manager in G Rao, who holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences from Osmania University.

Hailing from one of India’s oldest, largest and most established universities, Rao is also a certified SCRUM Master: he makes sure that all processes are followed; problems are removed and uses his acquired acumen to coordinate the team optimally.

His 9 years’ experience is a testament of his competency in developing solutions.

An architect cannot do away with his engineer and in this case, Jeffrey and G Rao’s collaboration is what makes their designs and solutions effective.

G Rao develops the solutions and his advanced technical skills are the life force behind all of Jeffrey’s designs.

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